Here are some testimonials from our customers.


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“I just wanted to commend you on your excellent product. I was able to etch all the windows on my Nissan Sentra easily and quickly. Between the VINetcher warning label and Vehicle IDsticker you included, a thief would have to be an idiot to take my car. Thanks.”


S. Costa, New Paltz, NY


“Thank you for making such an excellent kit. I did, in fact, receive a discount from my insurer because of it. I’ve told my friends about it.”


T. Bartkowski, Joliet, IL


“Hey, VINetcher – Great job. I got the kit the same week and had my windows etched lickity split. Love the free ID sticker. One more piece of protection.”


M. Campbell, Nashville, TN


“I was going to purchase a Vehicle IDsticker after I heard about it through StolenCarReports.com, where I am a member. Then I saw that I could get a free one with my VINetcher kit. Glad I saw that, as it is a great value. Now my Bronco is doubly protected.”


A. Vick, Clarion, PA