VINetcher Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a VIN?

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. Each VIN is a 17-character combination of numbers and letters that is unique for every vehicle manufactured since 1981. It sets the vehicle apart from the millions of other vehicles out there. VIN’s were standardized it the early 1980′s. Prior to this time, VIN’s were unique, but they varied in length and format. Today, each character of the standard 17-digit VIN has a particular purpose. VIN’s can be used to track recalls, registrations, warranty claims, thefts and insurance coverage.


2. What is VIN Etching?

VIN Etching is a process in which a car’s VIN is permanently marked into the glass of the car’s windows.


3. What are the Benefits of VIN Etching?

VIN Etching is one of the most simple and most effective ways to deter car thieves. VIN Etching makes a vehicle less attractive to thieves because police can accurately identify a stolen car more easily. VIN Etching also makes a car less valuable to a thief because the all of the car’s windows would have to be replaced before a thief could attempt to sell the car or its parts.


4. How effective is VIN Etching?

Cars that have been VIN Etched have a 64% lower theft rate that non-Etched cars. And, a VIN Etched car has a more than an 85% chance of recovery if it is stolen. In fact, VIN Etching is so effective that many insurance companies will offer discounts on premiums for VIN Etching a vehicle.


5. Is VIN Etching affordable?

YES! While many car dealers charge up to $250 to provide this service, ‘VINetcher’ offers a Do-It-Yourself Kit for $24.95 + shipping and handling. The VINetcher kit can pay for itself many times over thanks to the money you may save on your comprehensive insurance premiums.


6. Is the VINetcher Kit easy to apply?

YES – very easy! Each VINetcher Kit contains simple, easy to follow instructions. The complete process takes less than 15 minutes.

How do I apply for a discount on my comprehensive insurance premium?

Many insurance companies offer between 3% – 15% discounts for cars that have had their VIN etched on their windows. Every VINetcher kit comes with an insurance premium discount request form.


7. What are the vehicle IDstickers that are included with my order?

Official vehicle IDstickers warn thieves that your vehicle is registered with StolenCar.com – The Nation’s Neighborhood Watch for Stolen Vehicles – and if your vehicle is ever stolen an APB on your vehicle using email, txt and app alerts, and social media will be sent out to thousands of people in the region where your car was stolen. In order to incentivize people to look out for your car, a reward will be offered and provided by StolenCar.com.


8. How do I register my vehicle IDstickers?

Your vehicle IDstickers come with directions on how to register them, but you can always just go to http://www.IDsticker.com/vehicle-register.